About for “FOR MY PROJECT” Prjects


The “For My Country” Project is a roof project aiming to spread the social responsibility awareness among Koç Group companies, employees, dealers and suppliers, thereby developing a more participatory attitude towards social problems, and to implement and realize projects for rising the life standards by supporting local development.

This project, implemented in the 80th anniversary of Koç Holding, is based on the idea of supporting the individual entrepreneurship under a corporate umbrella all over Turkey, along with the line of responsible citizenship motto. As a part of this project, Koç Group is continuing to put its signature under important achievements in social responsibility field since 2006.

Koç Group, a very large family with its employees and dealers, is striving for developing a conscious sensitivity both individually and institutionally, and for producing solutions for the problems of our country.



  • Approach to our country’s problems in a solution-oriented manner; and
  • Create awareness; and
  • Are sustainable and repeatable with their multiplier effect; and
  • Are applicable in all our companies and dealers; and
  • Are spreadable over to the whole Turkey; and
  • Are helpful and useful for social development; and
  • Attract the attention of public by once more demonstrating the pioneer role of our Group.


  • During 2006 and 2007, a total of 387 local projects giving support to local development are realized.
  • During 2008 and 2009, in collaboration with TEMA Foundation and the Ministry of Forest, ‘For My Country’ Forests are created in 7 regions of Turkey, and 1,084,000 saplings are planted, and environment theme is taught to more than 18 thousand elementary school students in our 81 cities.
  • During 2010 and 2011, in order to encourage voluntary and regular blood donors in our country, “I am donating my blood for my country” campaign is organized together with The Red Crescent, and 103,000 people are exposed to awareness raising efforts, and 83,579 units of blood are donated.
  • For 2012 and 2013 years, “No Barriers For My Country​” project is initiated. In collaboration with the project partners AYDER and UNDP, 385 volunteer trainers are trained, and “Right Approach Towards Disability” trainings are organized throughout Turkey; and the group companies and dealers took actions for improvement of physical conditions and for development of various products and services for meeting the needs of disabled individuals. The project will be continued also in 2013.
  • 99% of Tanı employees have been trained about the project “For My Country” which eventually contributed – with the help of 6 volunteer trainers –Sultangazi Elementary School to become a disabled- friendly school.