With its 19 years of experience in CRM and Data Security, TANI has developed a solution to facilitate the collection and management of user consents obtained by companies from different channels with the processes in accordance with the law.

With Dataccord, the centralized consent collection and management solution of Tanı, you can collect consents from your customers through processes that comply with KVK Law (Law on the Protection of Personal Data) & ETHK (Law on the Regulation of Commercial Electronic Message) and ensure their sustainable and effective management.

With Dataccord, you can centrally manage your commercial electronic message permissions integrated with the MMS (Electronic Message Management System:


1. Omnichannel User Consent Management
User consents taken from different channels such as website, mobile application, cash register, call center, after-sales service points, field activities, etc. are collected centrally and easily managed with an omnichannel approach. User consents are unified by taking into account Name/Surname/Telephone Number or National ID Number and customer experience is also improved by obtaining only incomplete permissions.

2. Opt-in & Opt-out Management
It is ensured that the current status of all the consents of consumers who have given their consents from different channels and want to remove their consents are up to date and centrally managed with legal opt-in & opt-out processes

3. Compliance with KVK Law (Law on the Protection of Personal Data) & ETHK (Law on Regulation of Commercial Electronic Message)
Personal data cannot be processed without the expressed consent of the person concerned, and commercial electronic message approval is required to send electronic messages to the recipients. It is very important to collect consents with legal methods, to follow them correctly, and to make legal notifications in accordance with the procedure and on time. Otherwise, it causes both criminal sanctions and loss of effort and time.

With the Dataccord Consent Management solution, consent collection and management is provided in accordance with KVK Law and ETHK. In addition, Dataccord allows the definition of the desired type of consent (e.g. ETHK “Commercial Electronic Message Permissions”, KVK, IoT, Loyalty Permissions, etc.)

4. Easy and Fast Integration
Both opt-in and opt-out management can be done easily by practical integration of all touchpoints via APIs. Consent Collection Landing Page can also be provided for the Companies that do not have any Landing Pages for collecting user consents.

5. Providing Proof of Consent
Quality customer consent data is collected by applying double opt-in mechanisms to each touchpoint. The information obtained during the consent collection phase is used as evidence in defense in case of any complaint.

Proof Elements:
  • IP Information
  • Device ID and Mode
  • Browser Information
  • Consent Times
  • Time Stamp
  • Contract Detail
  • Captcha and OTP SMS mechanisms for maximum accuracy
  • Possibility to review consent contracts via link in the incoming OTP SMS
  • Displaying the consent proof elements in case of need

6. Automatic Versioning of Consent Contracts
User consent contracts are usually kept on employee computers and different versions in time are tracked manually. It is not known when and by whom the change was made to different versions. Via Dataccord, this version tracking is done via the tool automatically, instead of manual contract processes. It is easy to track which customer has constented to which version.

7. Instant Access from Reporting Dashboards
Numbers of opt-in and opt-out for each type of consent are displayed on a user-friendly company dashboard.

8. Integration with MMS
It is integrated with the MMS (Message Management System - IYS) in a way that it ensures the synchronization of consents and cancellations on both sides. The consents and cancellations of the consents received from the customers through Dataccord are forwarded to MMS within the specified legal period. At the same time, the consents received and cancellations made by the customers through the MMS are integrated with Dataccord.


What is MMS? (Message Management System)

It is a national database system that enable Service Providers to store and manage different types of commercial electronic message approvals such as call, message and e-mail. The system enables to display, approve and remove consents by the users, to complain about unauthorized submissions and to record all consents with timestamps and store them securely.*

For detailed information:

*In accordance with the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, service providers wishing to send commercial electronic messages are required to register with the Message Management System (IYS).


Dataccord Centralized Consent Collection and Management Solution will provide integration of the synchronization of consents and cancellations received from different channels with MMS and in compliance with legal periods.