Customer 360 Analytics

Customer 360 Analytics is an integrated solution developed by TANI within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. It enables companies to see and analyse their CRM KPIs, Customer Segments, Churn Predictions and Potential Revenues with just a few clicks in order to make smarter and faster decisions.

About Customer 360 Analytics
‘Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning’
TANI Customer 360 Analytics is designed especially for the companies that want the become more customer centric without losing any time. Customer 360 Analytics offers firms up-to-date CRM KPIs and automated action-based customer segments and uses the Azure Machine Learning(ML) environment to build ML based analytical models to help companies deeply analyse and understand their customers.
With Customer 360 Analytics
  • Analyse your customer data
  • Turn your data into actionable insights
  • Make smarter & faster decisions
  • Prevent churn & increase retention
  • See a 360 degree view of customers
  • Monitor your up-to-date CRM KPIs
Easy and Fast Deployment!
Within just 5-7 days, all CRM Information and insights on the platform are available!

The company sends its customer and transaction data to its Azure environment or directly to the Customer Insight platform.

TANI handles all the configuration and deployment process.
With Basic CRM KPIs and predefined customer segments, taking quick actions will be easy!

Monitor trends in:
  • Number of Total Customers & Transactions
  • Average Basket Sizes and Customer Recencies
  • Number of Active-Inactive-Lost-New Customer
Predicting your customers’ next actions via 3 analytical models:
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive Churn Model
  • Purchase Prediction Model
  • Gain deeper insights
  • Focus on most valuable customers
  • Prevent churn
  • Maximise customer revenues
View 360° Profiles of each customer to take individual action based on info such as:
  • Demographics
  • Average Spending
  • Churn Score
  • Customer Status (Active, Inactive, Lost)
  • Favourite Category
Recent Awards
TANI has many awards regarding its use of AI & ML in Analytical Services both in local
market (Turkey) and Internationally.

“Station Dedective”
Best Use of Technology
Stevie Sales & Customer Service Awards, 2020

“Smart Campaign Recommendation Engine” Best Use of Customer Insight
Stevie Sales & Customer Service Awards, 2020

Best Use Of AI
Martech Awards, 2020

“Station Dedective”
Best Measurement Technology
Martech Awards, 2019

“Smart Campaign Recommendation Engine” Best Use of Data
DataIQ Awards, London 2018
About TANI
TANI is a 17+ year CRM company, that has managed CRM strategies & loyalty operations of many companies, including sectors such as Retail, Energy, Automative, and Banking.

Customer 360 Analytics involves TANI’s extensive CRM experience and integrates it with its broad data science capabilities.

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TANI Customer 360 Analytics Package:
Basic CRM KPIs
The platform includes basic CRM KPIs defined by TANI, available with a dynamic dashboard such as:
• Number of total customers, transactions, revenue
• Number of transactions per customer
• Average customer recencies
• Numbers of active, inactive, lost, new customers and their shares in revenues
• Average basket sizes
• Comparative indicators between the last two periods
Customer-Based Outputs of Machine Learning Based Analytical Models
The platform includes 3 analytical models that are built in Azure Machine Learning Platform. The company will be able to see the distributions and totals on the CRM KPIs tab, based on results coming from these models:

1. Customer Segmentation Model: A model using clustering algorithms to segment customers in terms of their recency, frequency and monetary values. The segments include “VIP Customers”, “Loyal Customers”, “Potential Customers”, “Less Valuable Customers”, “Inactive Customers” etc. The segmentation process runs parallel for the last 2 periods so the firm can see both the current and previous segments of customers and take actions based on the segment migrations. (e.g. Customers who used to be in VIP Segment but who are currently inactive)

2. Predictive Churn Model: A predictive churn model using ML algorithms to predict customers’ churn probability by taking their past transaction data and demographics into consideration. Model offers a churn score for each customer and a churn segment.

3. Customer Purchase Prediction Model: A predictive model using ML algorithms to predict customers’ spending potential for the next period by taking their past transaction data and demographics into consideration.

Action-Enabling Predefined Customer Segments

Based on all the customer and transaction data and outputs of analytical models, the platform will provide several customer segments of top priority, enabling to take quick actions with the objectives of preventing churn, reactivating customers, growing customer revenues, etc. Examples:

• Customers likely to churn in the next period
• Customers migrating from upper segments to lower segments
• VIP customers likely to increase their spending in the next period
• One-Category customers
• Potential customers to grow
• Customers likely to increase their spending in the next period
• Young and potential customers
• Customers having above/below average basket sizes

Customer 360 Analytics Dashboard

The platform includes a dynamic Customer 360 Analytics monitoring tab containing all the derived CRM information for each customer.
Customer-id based search is enabled to view a customer specific page including info such as:

• Demographics
• Customer Segment
• Customer Status (Active, Inactive, Lost,etc.)
• Favourite Branch-Category-Transaction Time
• Spending Prediction
• Predictive Churn Score

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