We offer solutions for stores, web and mobile channels of brands that enable them to consistently manage customer data, customer loyalty and customer experience.

We gather customer data flowing through different channels; interpret them correctly and use them for the brand to take action towards marketing objectives and to increase customer loyalty. We transform your data to experience creating efficiency through campaign and communication platforms provided by our technological solutions that can be integrated with all customer contact points.

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$ 352 Mio Inc.Revenue for Clients/year+
36 M+ Unique Web Visitors
6.000+ Campaigns/year
28.6 M+ Loyalty Card Users
165K Transactions/day
29 Loyalty Programs
15 Years of Experience
14+ Sectors
100+ Employees
6.000+ Sales & Service Points





Winner of 2 BRONZ in ‘Corporate Identity’ category for and Entegrated Campaign category

2015 Communicator Awards

Winner of 2 GOLD in Consumer Information and Responsive / Mobile Design for Paro Web Site

Horizon Interactive Awards, 2014

Winner of BRONZ in Data- Inspired Creativity

2014 Mixx Awards Turkey

Winner of 2 Awards in Database Marketing

DPID 2014, Direct Marketing Awards

The global winner among 5000 companies for Data Quality

Informatica 2013 Innovation Awards

One Of The Best 4 Partners Of IBM with “Axion”

IBM Smart Commerce Global Summit 2013

Winner of 3 Awards in Database Marketing

DPID 2013, Direct Marketing Awards


TANI has considered its employees as “the most valuable assets” since the day it was founded.

For TANI, who believes in that the quality of its work and service start with its employees, human resources management seeks for transparency, interactive participation and the benefits of all parties in recruitment processes.

We are trying to provide our employees such learning & teaching systems which also enable them to work in fun, boost their well- being and make them have the best of their lives.

We are more than happy to work with our teammates who are not only frankly speaking, transparent and open but also creative, productive, perfect in achieving tasks, self improving, responsible and uniting along with all their diversities.

Correspondingly we will always be happy to recruit employees who embrace our visions, shared values and winning culture and who are creative and have the potential to offer us more.

We embrace the corporate competencies of Koç Group and we are in pursuit of obtaining and spreading the following competencies:


  • Frankly speaking, transparent and open

  • Creative, productive
  • Perfect in achieving tasks
  • Self improving
  • Responsible
  • Uniting along with the diversities